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All clients will be asked to read through this information and

sign a policy agreement before the pet will be groomed.

Health or Medical Problems

Grooming may expose a pre-existing medical condition or aggravate a current one. This can occur during or after grooming. All medical expenses not caused by a groomer will be covered by the animal’s owner upon signing this agreement. 


Accidents are very rare, but there is always a risk when using sharp equipment around animals. Your pet’s safety is top priority. If an accident does occur, you will be notified. If the pet requires urgent medical attention due to an injury or pre-existing condition, either I or the owner will take the pet to the nearest veterinary facility or the one listed on your file after you have been informed. 


All dogs that receive service must be up to date on their rabies vaccine after 6 months of age unless a letter from a veterinarian says they cannot have the vaccine. Distemper and bordetella vaccines are not required but recommended.


If a client is not available during their appointment arrival window when the groomer arrives, three attempts will be made to contact the client via the preferred contact method. If the client is not available within 15 minutes after the first contact attempt, the appointment will be considered a no show. The client must pay a $50 no show fee before services can resume.


A 48-hour notice is required for cancellations. If an appointment is canceled within this time, a $50 fee will be charged before service can resume. After the third either no show or cancellation within 48 hours, services will no longer be offered. 


Contagious situations such as external parasites, coughing (unrelated to heart and trachea issues), conjunctivitis, skunk odor, and so on will be turned away at check in.


Dogs must not be under the influence of sedatives, pregnant, or in heat.


We request the use photos of your dog on our website/social media. 


In the rare event that weather, illness, or vehicle breakdowns happen on an appointment day, all efforts will be made to reach you and reschedule you to the soonest day available.


All client information is confidential and will not be shared or sold.


We accept cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. Checks returned NSF will incur a $25 fee, along with any other fee the business bank may charge. Future service will be provided upon payment for fees

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