What is holistic grooming?


Holistic grooming is essentially taking the whole pet into consideration. We pay attention to their mental state, age, aches and pains, fears, and sensitivities- not just their hair. We work with the dog to make them comfortable and happy during their groom. It isn’t just about a beautiful haircut; their mental well-being is equally important if not more so.

Below is a list of some tools and techniques I use in my holistic care plan:

  • With permission, I offer the dogs a tasty training treat at key points in the groom to encourage good behavior.

  • Puppies and inexperienced dogs will get lots of extra love and kisses to help them enjoy the grooming process.

  • I use a “Happy Hoodie” for dogs that are nervous with the blow dryer. It is a cover that slips over their ears and softens the noise.

  • While the dog is in the tub, I give them a couple minutes of massaging. The older dogs especially really appreciate it.

  • I recommend “homework” if a dog needs to advance in a certain area, which is typically a fun exercise for the pet and owner that involves treats.

  • I talk to the dogs frequently while I am working on them. It helps create a personal bond with the pet and makes them more comfortable.

  • I make sure when I work that I am calm and relaxed, as it will help the pet do the same.

  • I use high quality grooming products from Nature's Specialties tailored to the pets’ needs.

  • I am always gentle while using my tools on the dogs. A light touch is much easier on the dogs.

  • For dogs with disabilities such as deafness or blindness, I always move slow and keep a hand on them.

  • Older dogs will be encouraged to sit or lay down when standing isn’t required.

I understand that your pet is family and I will treat them with the respect and care they deserve. Call (586)876-0092 to get a quote today!

I comply with the PPGSA Basic Standards of Care for Safety and Sanitation,

which you can read more about here.