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My name is Cortney Moody. I have always been an animal lover, and from a small age I knew I would work with animals someday. I started my career into animal husbandry in 2006, volunteering at the Virginia Zoo. In 2007, I got my first official job with animals, working as kennel help in a veterinary facility that also offered boarding. I got an opportunity in 2009 to work as a bather in a grooming salon, and I fell in love with the grooming industry. After I moved to Michigan in 2011, I got a job working for PetSmart as a bather, with the goal of learning how to cut hair. My dream came true in 2012, and I completed my basic training and began grooming.

 I started planning my business even then, knowing that I wanted to work on my own. I worked in several salons over the years 2014-2019, picking up new skills from other groomers, and learning what would work for my business and what wouldn’t. Continuing my education is very important to me, because there is so much to learn about grooming, and the field is constantly changing with new tools and techniques available all the time.
As I progressed in my experiences, I discovered that too many groomers do not focus on the pet’s complete well-being. This is where my skill stands out. I love my job, and I love the pets I groom. Animals are special gifts, and they deserve the best care I can offer. I have now achieved my dream of having a mobile grooming business that caters to individual care!

To be added to our waiting list please call or text (586)876-0092, and
leave your dog's breed and city in the message. Thank you! 

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